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Welcome To Stardusk Fm Where The Stars Shine Online

* Welcome to Stardusk Fm  ( The Fm Stand “For Music” ).  We are an Online Community Radio Service and we are dedicated to providing our listeners with awesome music , gossip and chat.  Our radio presenters are passionate about music and we will entertain you with a great variety of shows from all over the world for you to enjoy.  
We want you to send us your Shout Outs , Song Requests And Your Jokes so the presenter can play the music you would like to hear, have a laugh at your jokes and say “gidday” to your mates. You can still send us a request for a song if we are not running a radio show by clicking on  Auto DJ Request Line and then scroll down till you see Auto DJ Request. The team at Stardusk Fm, are really passionate about music and we hope to encourage a socially interactive experience for those who have a desire to express their musical interests and talents.  We have an awesome bunch of talented people who present music shows for you and other local artists who just love us playing their songs on our online radio shows dedicated to their music.  We are looking for people who have an interest in radio and music so if you are keen about becoming a radio presenter we would love to hear from you.
* We welcome any sincere music and radio lovers out there.  If you are interested in signing up, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.  If you are under 16 years of age, parental consent must be obtained before you sign up to our site.
* If you would like to become a volunteer here at Stardusk Fm, then go to the contact us tab on the Main Site.  Follow the prompts and fill in your details and we will get back to you soon to discuss any further questions.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy and we will look forward to hearing from other radio enthusiasts out there.
* Opportunity to become an internet radio presenter is new in Australia and we are one of the first of it’s kind.  There are only a few web radio operators on Australian shores and Webcasting is popular in the UK and USA.  It is really awesome that we now have the technology to stream music from the internet and are able to radio present from the comfort of our own home.  It is a really fun way to learn about music and can really lift your spirits and boost your confidence.  The set-up costs are small compared to the fun you will have and the opportunity of a new learning experience to become a webcaster.  You will be streaming your shows to 40 countries globally and have an awesome opportunity to develop your own radio presenting style.  We offer a free service that does not require any travel and is available to individuals who wish to learn more about radio and DJ Software operations, webcasting and radio presenting.  Our Mission at Stardusk Fm is to provide opportunities in radio that may not be available in conventional radio station’s.  Stardusk Fm invites the young, the isolated and the disabled to join us if you have a passion for radio.
Stardusk Fm want’s presenters to play diverse genres of music.  We want our radio presenters to play music that interests them and attract audiences that enjoy their shows.  We love you to chat about health, sport, news and events in your local city and major events.  We welcome special guests and interviews and invite local and unsigned artists to become a part of Stardusk Fm.  We would love to hear from our listener’s if you have any questions you can contact us by Clicking On This Link.  Check out our Facebook Page  And           Instagram Page and Twitter Page For All Your Radio Updates.  Remember that the star’s shine online here at Stardusk Fm.
* You can listen to Stardusk Fm by clicking on the “Click Here To Listen Live” logo which you will find on the top right hand corner of the page’s.  There are a variety of ways you can listen to our radio here at Stardusk Fm it is important to us that our listeners can stream our music and show from the device and app of choice.  You can choose the one you want in our tune in box we are support  Winamp, Itunes,        Window Media Player, Real PlayerVLC PlayerTunein, Android App, Iphone App , Ipad App  and                    Amazon Alexa.