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About Us:

What Is Stardusk Fm:

* Stardusk Fm ( The Fm Stands ” For Music ” ). We are an Online Radio Website that wants to provide a broadcasting service for people who want to learn and experience what it like to become part of a fun community of webcaster’s. We will give you an opportunity to get involved with radio as a hobby or as a stepping stone towards your own journey. If you consider yourself to be a music enthusiast and love a bit of variety , we have an audio extravaganza for you at    Stardusk Fm.
Stardusk Fm offers the chance for people who have a passion to become a radio presenter and to develop webcasting skills. We welcome people who may have a speech impairment or a disability because our online radio community will be a fun way to improve your language skills and is easily performed from the comfort of your own home.
* We are all about internet radio and some of our radio presenters have had many years experience in radio presenting. We are all about creating new opportunities for the youth of today. We just love the music , gossip and chat that brings us all together plus whatever helps us to add interest and excitement to our radio. We stream Shows 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from other countries and artists as well as music from our local artists here in Adelaide Australia.
* We also love to play music from talented local bands and unsigned artists with their permission. We also welcome any individuals or bands that mix music , make jingles , etc. We love the voice of music and the pleasure it can bring to others. We believe that presenting is not about the sound of your voice. It is about what is inside of you and music is an awesome way to get your personality out there… If you do not wish to participate in our online activities , our presenters would love you to chose us as your number 1 radio website and tune in regularly. If you would like to watch the Stardusk Fm video then Please Click Here.

When Was Stardusk Fm Created:

Stardusk Fm was created by 2 clever minds , Tom O’Connor and Matthew Eisemann who live in Adelaide , Australia. In January 2013 ,                                  Matthew Eisemann’s passion in Radio Broadcasting teamed up with Tom O’Connor’s passion for Web Design and Information Technology. Together , they created this awesome musical experience that is a working project for Tom O’Connor and a dream come true for Matthew Eisemann. As cousins , they have shared it’s creation , it’s trials and tribulations. Tom O’Connor and Matthew Eisemann wish is to continue to improve your visual and auditory experience here at Stardusk Fm.
Matthew Eisemann begun Stardusk Fm to give our youth an opportunity to get involved in Radio via webcasting because of his own internet radio experience. For many years , Matthew Eisemann’s passion is being involved in radio and music and  has been actively webcasting since 2008. He is only 24 years old , but  Matthew Eisemann is SO passionate about his chosen career he works around the clock to bring you this quality music service. Matthew Eisemann has Autism and has challenged his disability by channelling all of his energy into Stardusk Fm. He has learnt a great deal about information technology and web design and has vastly improved his confidence with speech therapy , voice training and literacy skills. This achievement has been really empowering as he works towards his goals and driving ambitions.
* With the help of Tom O’Connor , Matthew Eisemann’s vision of a website was created so Stardusk Fm became a reality. Stardusk Fm is destined to become another webcasting success story. This is why Matthew Eisemann is really proactive towards people with disabilities and our youth. Tom O’Connor has a double degree in information technology and has been a web designer for the past 15 year’s. He specialises in share point and intranet for corporate industries.

Stardusk Fm Funding:

* Stardusk Fm is an internet radio station and all expenses are paid for by the owner Matthew Eisemann. We are not wealthy so it takes dedication and effort to keep the radio site running. Stardusk Fm would love to receive your support . Your support will contribute toward’s the services needed to manage Stardusk Fm
* Matthew Eisemann is committed to fully supporting this worthy cause. There have been times when he has literally pulled his hair out and other  times , you can’t wipe the smile off his face !. All staff  including our panel members work voluntarily. Our satisfaction comes from doing what we enjoy…. No member of staff gets paid for what they do at Stardusk Fm.  If you would like to Support Us then Please Click Here.

Stardusk Fm Licensing:

Stardusk Fm is fully licensed by PPCA and APRA – AMCOS in Australia. We are able to broadcast to 40 countries according to our list of territories. We only play official music that is certified according to our licensing authority at Stardusk Fm.  We allow unsigned artists to use our server to stream their own music if we have a written authority from them. We do not pay any royalties because we are not profiting from any persons work.  We advise individuals who wish to work at Stardusk Fm to commit to the expectations of our license and may contact us here at Stardusk Fm and to vist the PPCA and APRA website.