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Job Application:

Stardusk Fm Is Recruiting Staff Now:

* Stardusk Fm is currently looking for people to panel and broadcast at our ever growing online radio site. We are looking for energetic and creative minds that have a passion for music and a dream to share it with others. We want you to learn and grow within our dynamic organisation and bring your talents to our online community.
* The sky’s the limit here at Stardusk Fm , for music can be an extraordinary experience.  Radio presenting gives you a feeling of confidence and it is really awesome to learn how diverse radio presenting can be.  We want you to feel empowered by our ever-growing online internet radio site and be willing and keen to take an interest in expressing yourself and the love of music to our listeners. We will always want you if you are able to Radio Present or DJ or if you have an interest and understanding of  Sound Engineering, jingles and track making.  Artists and Unsigned Music Artists can play their music online … so join us at Stardusk Fm –  ” where the stars shine and the best music is online “.  We are  completely voluntary organisation and do not receive any income . We want you to have some fun , meet some great people who share a common interest and learn heaps and heaps about what ever it is you are interested in that we can offer.

How To Join Our Team:

* Do you think you have what it takes to be a Radio Presenter ?  Do you have a passion for music and the confidence to broadcast ? …  If you have a passion for music and enjoy making conversation and radio programming then Stardusk Fm  is wanting experienced and amateur Radio Presenters. Being a beginner  is not a problem if you are willing to learn.  At Stardusk Fm , we will answer any questions you may have and teach you how to use software for broadcasting and mixing.  It is vital that you have a decent microphone and good quality music , 128kbs minimal and a computer. Spare time and reliability is also an essential ingredient to add to our good mix.

Job Criteria:

*  You must be over the age of 13 years old and have parental permission if you are under 15 year of age.
*  You can work on a Voluntary basis.
*  You are able to commit to a minimum of 2 shows per week or 1 two hour show per week.
* Have a clear working microphone.
* If You Have A Window Computer You Can Download Our Free Broadcast Software Broadcaster. This Allows You To Play Music From Spotify Or Anything Which Comes From Your Computer Sound Card That Must Be Legit.  If You Have A Mac Computer, You Can Download LadioCast, Virtual DJAudiohijackSerato And Traktor .  Some Of The Mac Programmes List Here Have A Purchase Cost . Some Of The Mac Programmes List Here Are Free And Some Of These Will Allow You To Play Music From Spofity Or Anything From Your Computer Sound Card. 
*  Able to work well with other staff and can demonstrate mutual respect towards others.
* Able to follow instructions and house rules of radio.
* You must have a large library of legit music .
* You must be able to follow the guide lines as per our license agreement. see PPCA and APRA.
* Please Only Upload MP3, MP4, wma and aac Format And Max File Size Of 2.00 MB.