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Hot 30 Australia

Radio Show

Kicking off 3 PM Monday with the Hot 30 Australia with Matty Around Australia,
Matty Counts down the HOTTEST 30 songs in Australia Heard on Stations around Australia
Hot 30 Australia Website
Hot 30 Australia Facebook Page                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hot 30 Australia Twitter Page

New Zealand Top 10

Radio Show

Matthew Eisemann Count Down The Hottest 10 Songs From New Zealand 
New Zealand Top 10 Hosted By Matthew Eisemann Monday Afternoon 2 Pm To 3 Pm 


Us Top 20

Radio Show

Live from Hollywood, CA – ​Syndicated Weekly on hundreds of radio stations worldwide
US TOP20.Com  has become the World’s leading Weekly Syndicated Top 20 Countdown Show, making it a great 1 hour program for stations to increase listenership and strengthen station loyalty amongst listeners. The Top 20 Countdown Show glues old and new listeners to your station and develops a market tested loyal base of listeners that turns in more regularly. From the heart of entertainment we embrace affiliated stations under our umbrella and help them grow their markets. We broadcast weekly LIVE from Hollywood to over 50 countries and provide listeners current trends by established and emerging stars . We Play and Make Hits
Us Top 20 Hosted By AL WALSER Monday Morning 4 Am To 5 Am


The Matthew H Hall Of Fame

Radio Show

Every Thursday, tune in to Stardusk FM to hear the top rock music on the Matthew H Hall Of Fame show!
This show is an hour-long, dedicated to playing the topmost influential names in rock history. Hear artists like Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, David Bovie and Queen. We also take requests, so if you have a song that you would like to hear, I will happily play it on my show.
The Hall Of Fame Show is hosted by Matthew Hubbard, every Thursday afternoon from 4-5 pm.
The Matthew H Hall Of Fame Facebook Page



All Rage Of Music Monday

Radio Show

Every Monday tune in to Stardusk Fm from 6pm to 8 pm to hear all rages of music like country, Disney, remix, new music, pop, 1920s to 1990s and rock Etc
All Rage Of Music Monday 6 To 8 Pm Hosted By Kaylee Smoker



All Rage Of Music Wednesday

Radio Show

Every Wednesday tune in to Stardusk Fm from 6pm to 8 pm to hear all rages of music like country, Disney, remix, new music, pop , 1920s to 1990s and rock Etc
All Rage Of Music Wednesday 6 To 8 Pm Hosted By Kaylee Smoker



Tino And The Chomp Chomp Show 

Radio Show

Tino Burke started doing voice characters with his fm radio morning show in 1991
with Uncle DaVino and Mothball being the first creations and by 2005
Chomp Chomp was born the skits came from the baby boom pop culture
as well as the idea from 40 s radio when everyone had that as the main form of
entertainment as they listened with imagination influences include
The 3 stooges, Marx Brothers,Laurel and Hardy, Bugs Bunny, Monty Python
and early Saturday night live among Robin Williams and many more
adding upbeat and variety of music with various styles is more of a feeling of
being entertained and about fun with StarDuskfm a 90s version has been added so come take a break from reality and stress and your only required to smile once in the 2 hours and thanks for tuning into       The Tino and Chomp Chomp Show.
Tino & The Chomp Chomp Show Show Hosted By Tino Burke Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday 6:00 Am To 8:00 Am.



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