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Request Line

 If you want to get in contact with the current on air Radio Presenter / Radio Show then you’re in the right place! By filling out the small form below you can send a message to the Radio Presenter / Radio Show, whether it be a song request, shoutout, competition entry or joke. Send it in under the correct category and the Radio Presenter / Radio Show will hopefully read out your request! 
Please remember to use this feature appropriately and do not spam the request line. 
We log your IP address along with your request incase of abuse, we won’t hesitate to ban you from the Request Line.


Please Make Sure That You Have Selected The Current Radio  Presenter Or Radio Show In The Dropdown Menu Underneath where it says   “Users” .. This will ensure that the request will be received by the radio presenter currently hosting the radio show.


You Can See Who On The Radio By Going To The Timetable So You Can Sent A Request To The Current Radio Presenter Currently Hosting The Radio Show.

When A Radio Presenter Is Not Broadcasting Live, You Can Still Send Us Your Song Requests By Search Your Song Or By Scrolling Down The Navigation Bar And Clicking On The Song You Want.


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